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Taitung Airport
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Taitung Airport

    Taitung (Fong Nien) Airport was once a holding room in the early age back in 1977, and upgraded to serve as an airport on July 1,1981. Months later it moved to the current site of Fon Nien for the sake of meeting the strategical requirement from the military, and began operating as a full civil aviation airport since then. On June 1, 2001 it was promoted to become a second class airport as Hualien. The same year in September the Taitung Airport immediately started its expansion construction in cooperation with the government policy to move industries east and the boosting of local tourist business.
   The total floor area of the airport is 153.7 hectares with major facilities including runways, taxiways, aprons, airport terminal, maintenance hangar, fire station and terminal radar control. The airport is now operated and managed by CAA of Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

* Dimension of the Runway:2,438 X 45 meters

* Dimension of the Taxiway:2,528 X 22.5 meters

* Dimension of Parking Bay:46,190 square meters

* Dimension of Terminal:1,623 hectares

* Parking Lots:17 parking lots available.

* Radio Navigation and Landing Aids:VASI、Approaching Light、 Runway  End Light、Sequence Light、Runway Light、 Taxiway Light、AWOS、MLS。

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Open Hours: Daily (AM07:00~Last Airplan Departue) TEL:089-362530 FAX:089-362536
Address: No. 1100, Minhang Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County, 95063, Taiwan