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Taitung Airport
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Station Service

Service Contents
Airport Services
1) Information Counter Location: at the center of the lobby on the 1st floor.

Services: Passenger inquiry, sales of phone cards, paging service, lost and found, postal service, coins exchange, fax, and disabled service.

Service Hours:
07:00 - the departure of the last flight

Service Phone:
(089) 362530 (man manual)
(089) 361111 (voice inquiry)
Fax: (089)362531


2) Airport Guidance Inquiry Station (KIOSK) Located in the airport terminal, KIOSK provides floor plans of the airport termi-nal and related facilities, information of transportation, flight information, ser-vices of the airport, and travel information by touching the screen.

3) Flight Information Display System (FIDS) There are display boards showing real time information of the arriving and de-parting flights inside and outside the terminal and a TV screen showing flight in-formation inside the terminal at the same time.

4) Weather Information Display of the Destinations There is one LED display panel showing the latest weather condition and tem-perature of various destination airports in the check-in lobby continuously.

5) Transportation An airport access map is placed at the arrival exit showing the bus schedules and routes, and a computer screen is placed at the information counter to show the timetables of the train

Food and Shopping
1) A convenient restaurant is located at the check-in lobby on the 1st floor sup-plying Chinese and western fast food, beverages and snacks.
2) An shop located on the 1st floor sells souvenirs and agricultural products of Taitung.
3) In the garden area in front of the terminal, there are two gift shops offering souvenirs, Chinese and western fast food, beverages and snacks.
4) Service Hours: 07:00 - the departure of the last flight.
1) Car parking Lot: (Free charge now)
Service Hours: 07:00 - the departure of the last fight.
Capacity: 209 compact cars
Parking rates: NT $ 20 per half hour and NT $ 200 per day; free parking within 30 minutes.
2) Motorcycle Parking: 130 free motorcycle spaces.
1) Public telephones: Inside the airport terminal, there are 12 public phone booths using coins, phone cards or IC cards for direct domestic and interna-tional calls. There is also one international collect call booth.

2) Public information booth: There is a Chunghwa Telecom public information booth providing passengers to surf the Internet and emails by using IC cards or credit cards.

3) Wireless LAN Network Service: Taitung County Government has set up wire-less LAN Network in this airport terminal to provide passengers to browse and extract information from the Internet, and to receive and send emails by their own wireless electronic devices.

Luggage Deposit Service (Coin-operated Lockers)
1) Location: On the right side of the arrival exit.
2) Fees: NT $ 30 per time
3) Size of the Luggage Deposit Cabinets: 31.5 cm X 35.5 cm X 45 cm
Disabled Services
1) There are docents that will assist the disabled to check-in.
2) The car parking lot offers 7 places for disabled parking only (free of charge for use of the day).
3) The motorcycle parking offers 13 disabled parking spaces
4) There are 2 temporary parking spaces for disabled motorcycle located at the west side of the terminal.
5) There is one public telephone for disabled installed behind the information counter.
6) There is an elevator for the disabled in the terminal. Please contact the infor-mation counter or airlines for further assistance.
ATM and Postal Services
1) An ATM is set in the lobby.
2) Postal services are available at the information counter.
Nursing Station
1) Location: on the left of the arrival exit
2) Service Hours: 08:00 - the departure of the last flight.
3) Services: health consultation, emergent medical care and simple wound care.
Airport Access
1) Taxi:
The taxi stand is located at the north end outside the terminal which offers im-mediate taxi service.
2) Buses:
There is a bus station at the south of the terminal. Routes: Buses plies between the airport and downtown in accordance with the flight schedule.
3) Car Rental: The rental counter is located at the left of the arrival exit.
Visitor Information Center
1) Location: in front of the arrival exit.
2) Service: Tourist inquires.
Smoking Room
The smoking room is located in the waiting room on the 2nd floor.
Massage Service
Two massage chairs are set in the check-in lobby near the entrance of the terminal which cost NT$ 10 at a time.
The nursery is located behind the information counter on the 1st floor.

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Open Hours: Daily (AM07:00~Last Airplan Departue) TEL:089-362530 FAX:089-362536
Address: No. 1100, Minhang Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County, 95063, Taiwan