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As the flight may be affected by weather or temporary flight scheduling, the actual flight status of the flight will still be based on the announcements of various airlines.

EDT EDT/ADT Airline FlightNo Destination FlightStatus
12:25 12:25 Daily 7507 LanYu KYD Departed
13:05 MDA 394 Taipei TSA 登機BOARDING
13:30 Daily 7509 LanYu KYD 安檢EXAMINE
15:15 UNI AIR 8726 Taipei TSA On Time
15:30 Daily 7511 LanYu KYD On Time
2023 / 03 / 24 ( Taiwan Standard Time : UTC+08 : 00 )
Taitung Airport | 13:19 | 28.3°C / 82.94°F 晴
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