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Being upgraded to a Rank II airport office on June 1,2001,Taitung Airport Office is operated by a Director that shall manage the Business Services Section, the Flight Operations Section, the General Affairs Section, the Accounting Office, the Personnel Office and the Civil Service Ethics Office according to the Regulation Governing the Organization of the Subordinate Airport Offices of the Civil Aeronautics Administration. At present, only the Chief of the Business Services Section, the Chief of the Flight Operations Section and the Chief Accounting Officer have taken up their post. The positions of the Chief of General Affairs Section, the Chief Personnel Officer and Civil Service Ethics Officer are still open, and their duties are been concurrent carried by related officers who answer to the Director.

Taitung Airport Office concurrently supervises Lanyu Airport Office and Lydao Airport, and transacts all general business except flight operations for both airport offices.

Organization and Employees

  1. Taitung Airport Office: 13 staff, 28 technician and maintenance workers, 11 contract employees.
  2. Ludao Airport Office: 5 staff, 9人technician and maintenance workers, 1 contract employees.
  3. Lanyu Airport Office: 5 staff, 7 technician and maintenance workers, 1 contract employees.


There are in total 24 staff ranked above Junior Grade 4, 47 technician and maintenance workers, and 3 contact employees.

Organization and Functions

  1. Director: Fully in charge of all affairs in the airport.
  2. Business Services Section: In charge of the operations and management of the airport, administration plans, business assessments and control, facility maintenance, documentation, property management, cashier, and passenger services, etc.
  3. Flight Operations Section: In charge of aviation safety, checks on aviation crews and aircrafts, aerodrome fire fighting and emergency rescue, etc.
  4. Accounting Office: In charge of accounting, annual account reports, and statistics etc.
  5. Personnel Office: In charge of personnel management.
  6. Civil Service Ethics Office: In charge of personnel character assessments, and supervision of ethics affairs.