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Main Purpose


Facility of transportation is fundamental need for economic development of a nation. An efficient transportation system becomes a significant factor in attempts to develop the nation and provide services to its residents. The main purpose of Taitung Airport is to provide best service in meeting travelers' needs of safety, convenience, efficiency, and comfort. Taitung Airport oversees travelers' issues such as flight safety, ticketing, customer service as well as statistics on on-time performance. It is responsible for civil aviation safety, including developing safety regulations, and certifying pilots and aircraft. It also has important role in making your journey as safe and comfortable as possible.

Flight safety priority

To achieve its operation target of flight safety priority, Taitung Airpor initiates standard operating procedures, including equipment check-up, personnel hands-on familiarity and emergency response to promote flight safety awareness. Our strategy is clearly targeted through standard operating procedures to achieve “Zero Accidents”

Upgrade service quality

By seeking improvements on customer service, information center, parking lot and outgoing traffic, Taitung Airport works towards better quality in order to reach over 89% of satisfaction.

Ensure smoothly running

To ensure smooth ongoing operations, the objective of Taitung Airport is to help travelers move more quickly and pick up baggage in 7 minutes after the cabin door opened.