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【Personal Information Collection Statement and Terms of Service】

  1. In order to provide convenient advice channels and improve service quality, this mailbox is specially provided, and you are welcome to use it more. Please actively make suggestions, complaints or consultations on terminal services, facilities and equipment, violation reporting and rights protection. If it involves irrelevant abuse, malicious criticism, emotional criticism, etc., this site will be deleted directly.
  2. In order to ensure that your e-mail has not been fraudulently used by others, and that you can indeed receive a reply from the Association, please be sure to click on the "Confirmation Letter" automatically sent by the system. After completing the confirmation, we will process your letter in order as soon as possible. Letters without your confirmation will not be accepted.
  3. All relevant units on this site will have a special person to accept your suggestions during working hours. The processing period is based on the principle of 5 working days, and the management unit is responsible for listing until the unit responds. When the unit replies, this mailbox will automatically reply to you with the email account you have left behind. You can also inquire about the handling of the case online at any time. When inquiring, please enter the email address when you submitted the letter and the case number that the system mailed to you. , and can fill out a satisfaction questionnaire on the processing situation of this site.
  4. This site will not collect your personal data for any other purpose, and the information you provide will not be provided to any private organization or private use. When you enter and use the public opinion mailbox function of this website, you are deemed to have agreed to abide by the collection, processing or use of personal data on this website.

*Please note: Yahoo, Hotmail, PChome and other free mailboxes may mistake the confirmation letter sent by this association as an advertisement letter, please avoid using it. If you do not receive the confirmation letter, please check in your "spam box" and send The letter is set as a safe list so that no confirmation letter will be received.
*Remind you that if the uploaded attachment file is judged by the system to be suspected of containing a virus and cannot be opened, this site will contact you again to provide the file.