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Check-in Baggage

Passengers are permitted to check in 10 kg of baggage free of charge. Excess baggage will be charged. Two pieces of carry-on bag are allowed for each passenger and may not exceed total 8 kg in weight and 23x35x55 cm in size (each bag). Excess & oversized hand baggage are required to be checked in. Please contact airlines for specific baggage policies. Airlines are entitled to reject poorly packed and baggage containing fragile articles.

Articles such as moose, hair gel, medical alcohol, mosquito repellent OFF, liquor, spray gun, knives, tools, sticks, weapons and explosives are not allowed as carry-on and should be checked in. Please inquire airliners in advance.

Inflamables including the following are not allowed to be carried or checked in: gasoline, diesel, stain remover, kerosene, canned gas, spray paint, plastic container cigarette lighters, matches, industrial and inflamable solvents, pressurized cans of insecticide, lubricant and gas, corrosives such as aqua regia, acid, alkalai, mercury, fluoride, magnetic materials including magnets, toxicant chemicals, gases, cyanide, weed killer, pesticide, activated filterable virus, explosives, oxidized material including liquid and power bleaches, storage battery, industrial hydrogen peroxide solution, radioactive materials including uranium, iodine, cesium, cobalt, tritium, alarm-equipped briefcase and articles which endanger flight safety.